No, you are not required to have a GP referral to receive counselling. However, if you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan you will be entitled to a rebate from Medicare.

With a Better Access Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, you will receive a rebate for 6 sessions initially. Subject to a GP review there is a maximum of 20 sessions, with rebate, from Medicare within a calendar year.

You will need to contact your Private Health Fund and ask them if they will cover Psychology as each policy and insurance provider differs. If your insurance does cover you, we will provide you with a receipt to take to your insurer to claim the rebate.

We are unable to advise you on your rebate amount as these differ depending on your level of cover and your provider.

Each individual is different, and the treatment is different for everybody. Therapy takes ongoing commitment from both you and your psychologist to achieve the best outcome, this will be discussed with you and reviewed on an ongoing basis

Yes, however these sessions are not covered by Medicare.

A standard session runs for 50 minutes.

Yes, however this is generally only from age 15 and over.