It can be hard to find the time and space during your working day to debrief and have supervision, even when we know we need it.

Your work is complex and needed! However, while working in the human services field, private practice, mental health and helping professions can be very rewarding it can also be very isolating and hard. The quality of supervision can have a real impact on both practice standards and personal mental health.

This is where Innersight Psychology and Wellness comes in. We have been providing clinical and peer supervision across various roles, educational backgrounds, experience levels and client groups since 2005. Our role in supervision is to provide a space where the supervisee can become more aware of how the complex work they are undertaking is personally impacting them and how this may reflect on their practice.

So how do we differ from other supervision being offered? We tailor supervision to you and your clients’ needs while aiming to assist with:

  • Development of practice skills
  • Support with difficult and complex cases
  • Self-care
  • Encouraging professional growth and development
  • Considering alternative possibilities and therapeutic interventions
  • Utilising your expertise to your and your client's advantage
  • Creating a safe space to explore vulnerabilities
  • Encouraging deep reflective critique of skills
  • Exploring competency biases
  • Evaluating beliefs and values
  • Seeking training and skills building opportunities
  • EMDR Consultation

Contact us to explore what options are available for your supervisory needs